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Over 35 years experience

"An evening of entertainment...
cabaret, stage show, or close-up entertainment"
"Paul Alberstat excels in every type of performance for any size audience"
"Many different programs and combinations to suit your needs"
"He works with you all the way to create a successfull money making event"

Need to raise funds for your organization?

Mentalist and Psychic EntertainerPaul Alberstat can do more than tell fortunes, he can MAKE them for you. "Let us help you get that extra, "something" that wasn't included in your budget". An entertaining way to raise funds. Paul has helped many organizations like yours raise many thousands of dollars. Our expertise is available to bona fide non-commercial organizations at a fraction of the real cost of booking Paul as an individual performer. Paul is skilled in all areas of the psychic arts and will provide a complete show - to suit your audience. We work with you for either an agreed modest fee or an agreed percentage of the event's takings. You provide the venue and the audience and promote the show, we provide an event you will remember for a long time.
A mystical event by Paul Alberstat becomes a bigger and more exciting way of raising money.

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Charitable Organizations
Availability of the Paul Alberstat Road Show Team may be limited due to professional commitments.
A proven success wherever he performs.
It is suggested that you book early to avoid disappointment.
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See metal bending in your own hands. Witness astounding predictions. See people become human lie detectors. Have your thoughts read like someone reads a book.

Join Paul on an exciting trip into the unknown and you will be promised an evening... out of this world. As a member of the audience or a participant on stage it will be an experience you will never forget and more importantly, your attending audience will remember YOU and your organization for a long time to come which means
More dollars coming in for your group.

"Funny!" "Hip" "Energetic" "High Energy"

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