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Having a long history of study and work in the field of mystery entertainment Paul is also available for private lessons as well as working as a consultant for television, movies and stage productions.

Hypnosis does not exist!

Paul Alberstat would like everyone to know that in his professional capacity as a world-renowned mentalist, he does not believe in the existence of the so-called "hypnotic trance state". Current research shows that no state of altered consciousness is produced with hypnosis and that the phenomenon we witness is actually a complex mix of social compliance, relaxation and suggestability. In fact, when an "EEG" is applied, the brain pattern is still normal when a subject is placed in a so-called "trance" state.

Book now and enjoy the most recent addition to the already phenomenal MIND GAMES, a fantastic display of suggestive powers as only Paul Alberstat can do. A brief explanation to the audience in regards to the myths of hypnosis followed by a committee from the audience participating in an incredible demonstration of the powers of the mind. No trances are induced, no one placed into hypnotic states yet the most amazing display of so-called hypnotic powers is performed for the sheer delight of the audience.

Witness hands stuck together as if glued; arms are made to remain rigid as if steel rods were inserted; people can not rise from their chairs; and many other feats of impossability are displayed; yet no one is hypnotized during the entire display. Combined with the most dynamic Mentalism show todaythis new addition makes for a mind-boggling finish to the already phenomenal display of mental talents possessed by the human mind.

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