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For years now, Paul Alberstat has been peering into thousands of minds in clubs, exhibitions and on television throughout North America and now you have the opportunity to enjoy his performances as well with his unbelievable show.

"He works with you all the way to create a successfull money making event".

Telepathy Clairvoyance Precognition

There is nothing strange or supernatural about telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, or other so-called paranormal phenomenon. In fact you experience it often in your everyday life. Count the number of times you have been thinking of a song, the name of a person, or a number. Then count the frequency of times you have had someone next to you speak out that very song, number, or name. That's telepathy!

How many times have you known the caller at the other end of the phone before you answered it? Or gone to call someone only to have him or her at the other end of the phone before you even dialed the phone? That's clairvoyance!

have you ever thought or dreamt of someone longed to be seen only to run into that very person the very next day? That's precognition!

Witness audience members become human lie detectors; have their intuition expanded by sheer thought alone. You will be amazed as metal bends and melts in your very hands and bewildered as you participate in a random game of chance only to find the outcome was correctly predicted a day earlier and thrill to the sight of astonished spectators as Mr. Alberstat pulls words and thoughts from their minds as easily as if he were reading a book.

Paul must adapt himself to the person who is the subject; or tune in, so to speak to their thought waves. Even at that, he has found some people with absolutely no thoughts to read. "I cannot read minds, merely thoughts. It is impossible to read everything on ones minds, only thoughts upon which someone is concentrating strongly and even then, only if they want me to read their thoughts".

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